To design, manufacture and install integrated glass and aluminum systems for the shell and the interior of buildings.


To be the reference in the field of glazing at competitive prices, remain exemplary in terms of customer service and provide innovative technical support.


Our customers are important to us and we are committed to keeping in constant contact with them. Relationships with our suppliers and customers are based on the principles of long-term partnership. We believe in the integrity and honesty of each worker who is employed at Vitreco. We comply with the highest industry standards and national building codes. For us, the value of a contract does not figure in dollars but rather in quality.




We can provide the material according to the specifications that are mentioned in the quote prepared by the architects. However, during specific projects or work directly with the contractor or client, it is possible for us to develop proposals that will meet the needs of the customer.


Once our products are manufactured, our install teams travel to the project site to proceed with the installation. All of our installers hold their competency card delivered by the Commission of Construction of Quebec. Their extensive experience coupled with their sense of responsibility allows us to achieve projects of a superior quality.

Maintenance and upkeep

Whether for adjustments, repairs, modifications or changes, our service unit is available to do the necessary work. We can travel to your building to intervene and to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment.


Our factory, connected to our offices, enables the manufacture and assembly of all of our frames and aluminum pieces. Our plant manager and our very capable employees work with great care in the realization of quality products. Our tools and our equipment allow us to prepare assemblies with great precision.

Façade repair

Repairing a façade allows for the improvement of the performance of the shell, which transforms the visual appearance. This is an important step whose implementation must be carefully planned in order to minimize the impact on those who use or live in the building.

Testing for watertight seals

Sealing describes the means employed to ensure that the natural exterior elements (rain, wind and humidity) do not endanger the constituent elements of the building (structure, insulation). We have the necessary equipment to effectuate resistance tests that can detect water penetration in your existing or new facilities.



A personalized approach

For all glazing work, we can offer specific products by the architects, find similar ones or propose alternatives. With our varied range of providers, it is possible to find a frame model, in aluminum finishes or a type of glazing that will meet the project requirements.

Glass types
Curtain walls
Doors and Hardware
Structural glass
Aluminum finishings

Glass types

There is a wide variety of glass products on the market and each of these has a particular purpose. The transformation of the base material leads to obtaining finished products to be used as safety glass, decorative glass and can enable thermal insulation, soundproofing or solar control.

Curtain walls

The curtain wall is a type system of finishes for a building’s shell. Its main component is the mullion that serves as the structure to support the glass. The material used for the manufacture of the mullion is aluminum. Aluminum is used mainly for two reasons: it is resistant and very light. Primarily used with glass panels, this type of assembly allows for the incorporation of different materials such as aluminum finishes or decorative elements.


The skylight is a type of light shaft made by the system of an inclined curtain wall. Its composition allows for a wide variety of configurations. The pyramid-shaped models, with inclined walls of either one or two sides, with a spur gear or sloping, are just a few examples. The system was conceived with the principle of a rain screen and includes a thermal barrier to ensure thermal performance and a tight seal. Additionally, evaporation of any condensation of the interior glass is ensured by an integrated gutter system. The pre-manufacturing and pre-assembly are done at the factory according to rigorous quality standards.


HSS (hollow structural sections) windows are used mainly in glass panel applications or point windows. We offer a complete range of models that can meet the requirements of your project. Some types offer energy efficiency highly superior to the standards currently in force. This kind of window greatly increases the level of comfort and efficiency.

Doors and Hardware

Whether you are looking for doors with a narrow profile or wide sturdy shudders, we have access to a wide variety of standard models. For specific needs, we’re able to configure tailor-made components and to integrate a wide selection of hardware adapted to your projects. Depending on the configuration of the building, sliding or revolving doors are available. When energy efficiency and the aesthetic aspect are important, it’s quite possible to use doors with thermal barriers that are efficient and allow for the use of different colors between the interior and exterior sections.

Structural glass

Structural glass assemblies can be used for interior or exterior glass side walls. The main feature of this kind of system is the absence of enclosures. Metallically attached anchor points in addition to bolts and ball joints allow the glass panels to be fastened to the structure with holes in it. The latter can be constituted with glass, steel cables or metallic pieces. Using these types of elements promotes transparency and provides an incomparable aesthetic aspect to the building.


A railing is a set of elements forming a barrier of protection around the sides of an open staircase, the circumference of a bearing, a balcony or mezzanine. Its design aims to prevent an accidental fall. The composition of the railings may vary, but generally implies that its construction can’t be climbed over easily or that someone might slip between its components.

Aluminum finishings

Vitreco has the expertise and the equipment to design and provide tailor-made aluminum cladding/siding. Available in flat panels or extrusions and a wide variety of colors, they are harmoniously incorporated with your glass façade projects.



From design to installation

Vitreco is involved with the realization of work in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We are engaged in whatever project is most needed be it renovation, expansion or a new construction. In addition, our service unit provides rapid response to emergency calls and punctual maintenance.



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